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Our services include geologic analysis, identification of upside, mapping and presentation of existing production for exploitation or valuation as well as prospect development, offer screening, and technical evaluation of properties and leases in preparation for acquisition, divestiture and ongoing investment management.

Working with our network of trusted Engineers, Landmen, Geophysicists, and Log Analysts, we take an objective business approach in helping owners of oil and gas properties, royalty, working interest and leases gain a better understanding of their oil and gas holdings and assist in developing a strategic plan to maximize their value.

Bickerstaff Associates, Inc. provides value-added service to Oil and Gas Companies, Investment Management firms and Individuals who own or wish to acquire oil & gas interests.


Petra - Geologic Software

PHDWin - Economics & Engineering Software

DrillingInfo - Well and Production Data

TIBCO Spotfire - Data Analytics

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